I wish to visit Disney World ~ Julianne

I wish to visit Disney World ~ Julianne


Based in Evansville Indiana, Wish Upon A Star’s mission is to provide once in a lifetime wishes to children between the ages of three and eighteen who have been diagnosed with a life threatening or terminal illness. We limit the area of our service to Southern Indiana, Southeastern Illinois and Western Kentucky. This allows us to proudly let our supporters know their donations are helping make dreams come true for children in our area.


Paul with Drew Brees

I wish to meet Drew Brees ~ Paul

As an independent non-profit agency with no national affiliations, we rely solely on the support of our community to make these dreams come true. Currently, we receive donations through individual and corporate gifts, grants, foundation gifts, and in-kind goods and services. Since its humble beginning in 1985, this organization is honored to have been able to grant hundreds of wishes to Tri-State children.

Wish Upon A Star began in 1985 when co-founders Carolyn Pfaffmann and Carl Wallace joined forces to help Jamie Petty a local child who had recently been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.  Jamie had a dream of visiting Walt Disney World in Florida so that she could meet Mickey Mouse. Thanks to their efforts and the support of the Tri-State community, Jamie’s wish came true. Through this experience, Wish Upon A Star was born.

There are five steps to each wish granted by Wish Upon A Star:

  1. Child is referred – The child is referred by his or her medical team, a parent or legal guardian, a close family member, or the child themselves.
  2. Eligibility is determined – Wish Upon A Star’s Medical Advisor talks with the child’s physician to determine if the child’s present-day condition is eligible based on our criteria.
  3. Child determines their wish – Members of our team visit with the child and their family to determine the child’s likes and dislikes and, ultimately, to determine the child’s deepest wish.
  4. Wish is approved – The wish goes through an approval process during which several key factors are considered, including the medical appropriateness and timing appropriateness of the wish experience.
  5. Wish is granted – Our team works hard to fulfill the child’s deepest wish and to build an experience that will have a lasting impact on both the child and the family and create precious memories.


“When I was diagnosed with cancer at age 5, on top of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Wish Upon A Star granted me an above ground pool that I could use for therapy. Ehlers-Danlose Syndrome is a connective tissue disorder causing all joints to dislocate. I had many orthopedic surgeries, and recovery & therapy was hard. That pool got me so motivated. To this day I am so beyond grateful for what they did for me. I definitely know what it’s like for these kids to be able to make a wish and take a trip knowing you’re not traveling to see a doctor. They all deserve to have every moment possible to live life like every other child without a care in the world. You guys are great!”  ~Crystal

Visiting Mickey

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